Collaboration over Competition

International Women’s Day was yesterday and I shared this beautiful quote by Serena Williams in support of these great women. After sharing, I realized that I fibbed just a tad bit. I fibbed when I shouted out the women who mentored me. Quite honestly I can’t find one single female that I’ve encountered professionally who had the spirit of mentoring or even being a role model. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t worked with some phenomenal women, it’s just that these women were not the mentoring sort. Or it could be that I was not open to being mentored.

Interestingly enough I’ve encountered 3 men who have taken on the role of mentors for me. We’ve converse on so many aspects of life, ranging from parenthood to finances, to self-development to balancing my life(self, family, career). They’ve provided a safe place for honest discussions and when needed they’ve held me accountable and have gently reminded me to stay focused on the goal. These men have taught me the importance of accountability, transparency, and honesty.

Their words and their actions were always in alignment.

They are leaders, teachers, and students of life.

That exchange of knowledge

That understanding that helping others does not take away from them in any way is what always stood out to me.

They’ve taught me that the only competition is the woman in the mirror and that comparison is a waste of time as it slows down progress and in some cases even halts it completely.</p>

Having had these mentors in my life I strive to be the woman who builds up those around me.

The woman who lends a helping hand.

The woman who listens.

The woman you share knowledge and life lessons.

The woman who encourages growth and accountability.

The woman offers a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.

A woman who collaborate with other women


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