How Deep is Your Love

I woke up and chose happiness!

Every morning I wake up I start my morning either writing down or speak out aloud 5 things I’m grateful for. Followed by affirmations before I get started with my day.

Last year when this concept of speaking affirmations out aloud the mirror and having a gratitude journal was reintroduced to me I was skeptical. Yes I had read about people who had believed in the power of gratitude and speaking only that which they wanted to come to true and I believed it but not enough to incorporate it into my daily life. When I first started it felt strange, until I accepted that just as I would speak life into my children and those close to me why shouldn’t I speak life into my own life.

Why shouldn’t I build up, encourage and remind myself daily that I Am disciplined , I am opened and receptive to the opportunities that align with the life I want for myself. That every day and in every way I’m getting stronger emotionally, spiritually, financially, mentally and physically. That I Am Beautiful as I Am. That I Am accepting of myself while working towards continuously improving myself.

After all, for years I’ve nitpick and criticized every freaking aspect of myself and honestly that shit just doesn’t feel good. I used to beat myself down before stepping into the world and having the world closely examine and critique everything about me and to remind me of what I lack.

But not anymore!

Thanks to my deliberate effort, I’ve learned that I am worthy of happiness. I am worthy of love and peace. I am allowed to live as I wish.

So how deep is my love?

My love is so deep that I am accepting and forgiving of myself when I make mistakes.

My love is so deep that I refused to indulge in negative self talk.

My love is so deep that I find time to rest my body and nurture me.

My love is so deep that I remove myself from situations that no longer align with where I am going

My love is so deep that I no longer sustain relationships that deep rooted in negativity

This journey of self love has been an interesting one and every day I’m learning something new. And every day I choose to love me as deeply as I love everyone around me 🥰🥰

How deep is your love…


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