Self-Care Sundays

I don’t care what nobody says working in front of a computer all day is DRAINING!

Some weeks are better than others thankfully; but after a week of being hunched over a computer I’m ready to unwind and pamper myself or be pampered. Initially, when I thought about having designated self-care Sundays, I had a very specific look for this day. I would start the day off with a great brew, after all who doesn’t love coffee! This I would enjoy while journaling followed with the ultimate grooming session of shaving and exfoliating my entire body then lathering down with organic coconut oil topped with that luscious shea body butter that I absolutely adore! Once I was done with this, I would pour myself a glass of red wine, preferably cheap and sweet, light a scented candle, Ocean Driftwood by Bath & Body Works is my fav, and curl in bed with a great book and just revel glorious experience for a few hours. For several Sundays I did exactly that and although I thoroughly enjoyed it, there was something lacking. I was looking good physically but still longing for a sense of intimacy and a sense of spiritual fulfillment. A sense of productivity. You see I didn’t quite understand that self-care went far beyond feeding my physical self. Once I understood this my idea of self- care

Some Sundays self-care looks like me getting out of bed at the crack of dawn to physically exert myself with a 10-mile walk/jog followed by a great cup of coffee and me spending the day in bed exhausted but satisfied.

Some Sundays self-care is spending several uninterrupted hours curled up with my partner, minus the intrusion of a cellphone or laptop.

Other Sundays, you can find me deep cleaning and cooking for my family, with a scented candle lit and music blaring from the speakers.

Some Sundays I’m curled up in bed alone, refusing to move unless it’s to relieve my bowels or my hunger pangs.

Some Sundays I spend planning my week ahead. P.S this is something I’m planning to implement as a part of my EVERY Sunday routine. Planning my week has yield a sense of productivity unlike any I’ve ever experienced. It also keeps me accountable while I get to enjoy realizing my goals.

Every Self-Care Sunday may look different, or it may look the same and I am committed to being intentional with my overall health.

What does self-care look like for you? Is it a new concept and you’re considering implementing it? Or is it something you are familiar with and have some form ongoing in your life?

Happy Sunday

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