What Are You Afraid Of?

Sitting here listening to the Clean Cookie with David Never Sleeps and Starr Dawkins and I’m enthralled!

The content is just amazing and the delivery is just captivating. So it’s coming to the end of the show and Starr Dawkins talks about how important it is to just be yourself and let your personality shine through, that people are drawn to the authenticity of it all. I’m flabbergasted at this simple profound truth. It’s not the first time I’ve heard it but this time it resonates with me. Thankfully, this is said at the ending of the podcast because I am not sure how much more of it I heard. At this point, I am thinking back on my greatest fear, which is fear of rejection and fear of failure. And because of this irrational fear I’ve been called a loft and guarded. I don’t make an effort to be a part of I am more an observer. I don’t take chances for fear of how I’m perceived. I chuckle at this realization, as I have hosted several intimate parties, and based on the response from the crowd and the guy I work for, I must have done something right. There was laughter and obvious enjoyment. I’ve hidden my insecurities with nonchalance and dismissive actions. And I’ve kept the goofy, extra side to only those closest to me. All in all, there are several lessons I’ve learned thanks to fear

I’ve missed every shot that I didn’t take. Every single one. I only got what I went after, not what I dreamt about, not what I researched, not what I talked about, and not what I planned. Without execution, I didn’t get it. Period

I have to do it scared. The fear doesn’t go away. Just do it and see what happens.

I will fail, and thanks to these failures I’ll learn valuable lessons so that I can fail my way into success.

I have to learn to pivot, learn to cut bait, and move on to another project before I become too bogged down in debt and despair because a project didn’t work out.

Everyone starts out as a beginner. Practice, practice, practice, and practice some more buddy. We become what we practice daily. Consistency is key

Real growth happens when we step out of our comfort zones and challenge ourselves. So intentionally force yourself to step out of your comfort zone. The first girls nigh out I hosted was by accident, I got a call at 5pm asking if I was free to host an event that evening at 7pm and to stop being scared just give it a shot. Yes, I needed some coaching but by the end of the night we laughed about it and I was asked several other times.

You cannot and will not please everyone and this is as it should be. Define your niche market and engage with them. Trust me they’re out there.

You will be ridiculed, mocked, judged, ignored, and guess what you’re going to shrug that shit off and keep it moving.

Over the years I’ve always said my biggest fear is fear of failure and fear of judgment, turns out it was always the fear of committing to consistently doing what I said I would do long after the mood has passed.

What are you afraid of?

Happy Sunday

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