2021 in Review

2021 is winding down and boy has it been an eventful year. I was introduced to a new concept last year around this same time. Instead of setting New Year resolutions, choose a word or 2 that you will strive towards in the upcoming year. As a matter of it was Patrice Washington from Redefining Wealth for Yourself, with Patrice Washington, where I heard of this concept and it truly resonated with me. Coming into 2021 I choose the word “commit”. A really small word but one that gets me so freaking uncomfortable. My palms sweat and my armpits itch instantly, whenever I hear this word when it pertains to me directly. For me to commit means to continually do what I said I would long after the feeling has passed, to be consistent with my actions. Seems simple enough doesn’t it, after all, if one wants to be wealthy one has to consistently save and invest no matter how small the amount may be. Or since I want to be healthy and fit, I would only have to eat cleaner and increase my activity levels. However, knowing this, I have never actually committed to consistently doing the small things that can drastically improve my life.

In 2021 I decided to commit, and 1 year later I am in a reflective state as I prep for 2022. One of the things I committed to in 2021, was consistently posting to my blog, a minimum of 1 new post per week. I’m proud to say that I have lived up to this particular commitment. There were some weeks when I didn’t, but I did not stop. I thoroughly enjoy blogging! My blog is not financially profitable in any way, at the moment. The traffic is minimal and yet still I continue with my weekly postings. Shoots even my own sisters don’t read my blog posts, yet I blog along because I made a commitment that I would. One year later and I shall continue with my blog.

You know that question that every life coach seems to ask if money was of no consequence what would a day in your life look like? Yea that annoying question that I despise to my core. Well, last year I was asked that question and I seriously reflected on what my days would look like, from I wake up until I go to sleep. What I came up with was I would be the person who wakes up in the morning meditate/pray then go out and exercise, come home enjoy my morning coffee while chatting with my kiddies and/or partner then gets started with work. I hadn’t quite figured out what kind of work I would be doing but I knew that I would be thoroughly enjoying the work. Fast forward to a year later, I am that person who gets up early, prays and occasionally meditates, goes for a walk or jog depending on how I am feeling then comes home to feed my dogs, cat, and fish after which I would enjoy my morning joe at the top of the stairs. Sometimes the kids would join me other times they would still be in bed asleep. The virtual school allows for sleeping in. What I’ve added in the past month was a gratitude journal, while enjoying my morning coffee I would express gratitude for at least 5 things daily and write an affirmation or two, or I would journal about what’s going on in my life and possible ways to address them. I’ve missed some days and when I start to beat myself up about it, I gently remind myself that life happens, and every day is an opportunity to start over again

I’ll be honest with you; I really haven’t seen any significant outward improvement in my life over this past year. My finances haven’t improved, as a matter of fact, it has taken a massive hit, nor have a lost any weight, I have lost inches and I absolutely love the way my clothes fit me. Plus, drum roll please, this year, for the first time EVER in my adult life I have worn a pair of shorts outside of my home, I have also worn a teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini to the beach, no not really yellow but for sure a 2 piece bikini multiple times. What I have experienced is a sense of peace no matter what’s going on around me along with a strong sense of what it is that I want out of life.

With my 2021 reflections done, I’ve turned my eyes towards the upcoming year and all the beautiful experiences I am envisioning. Will I continue to commit? Hell yeah, I will. I’ve accepted that my goals won’t happen overnight and obviously not even over the course of a year. But what I do know is that once I commit to continue putting in the work needed all my goals will be realized.
I have also prayed about my word for 2022 and I’m patiently awaiting that feeling of knowing when it comes to me

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