Life as a Single Woman

I’ve been a single woman for a while, at first I was envious of all the lovely couples strolling around snapping their cute pictures and licking their ice cream cones. It took me not focusing on my lack of a boyfriend and focusing on the things that I wanted to learn or things that I enjoy for me to really start really living my best life. It was like a whole new world opened up to me, I am able to frolic and flirt as I wish, I could hang out with friends at the drop of a hat and I am able to singlemindedly pursue my dreams and hobbies. I could even spend the entire weekend curled up in bed reading to my heart’s content. Nowadays I’m snapping pictures and licking the ice cream cone, yes I’m alone and I’m still enjoying these small pleasures while flashing my mile-wide smile. But Lord knows there are times I miss having a partner to handle some things for me or at least to listen to me moan and groan about some things as they pop up.

Car issues

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, every single woman, especially one who drives a second-hand car, must have the contact of an honest, reliable mechanic. I’m not sure they exist so I personally have 3. Whenever old faithful is having an issue I call mechanics #1 and #2 have them diagnose the issue and then I go to mechanic #3 and we discuss what #1 and #2 had to say. #3 could be considered my consultant, he’s too old to do any of the physical work but he’ll make sure that none of these young champs swing me aka do me dirty! Now you may be thinking, geez chick that’s a lot and I agree it really is. However, it saves me the hassle of paying for the same job twice or for mechanical work that I don’t even need. So honey child get you that honest reliable mechanic or 3 like I do.

Plumbing Issues

The other day I had a messy situation, literally, a messy situation. My toilet backed it and threaten to overflow. This is a freaking traumatic experience or it really could be that I was already overwhelmed and just didn’t need anything else falling apart. Picture it, it’s Monday at 5:30 PM and I’m logged into an evening class session and the freaking toilet decided to get clogged. How dare this toilet backup!! I was not mentally prepared for that ish, nor did I have the number of the plumber. Several phone calls later and 1 hour later the plumber came and snaked my toilet and gave me the bill. In total awe I paid him and at that moment went online and ordered myself a snake. Dude was in my bathroom for all of 5 minutes and just like magic my toilet woes were solved. Remember I’m hella nosey so I stood there and watched him while he worked and asked 101 questions. Not only have I ordered my snake I plan to have a mechanic walk me through the basics of unclogging my toilet. Toilets only clog at inconvenient times and I plan to be a lot prepared.

A toolbox

Did you ever had the great idea to rearrange your living space in the middle of the night and need to hang some pictures only to find that you have absolutely nothing that could help you. No drill. No hammer. No screw drivers shoots not even some screws or nails. Zilch. The most frustrating feeling of having to wait when you’re in a flow and have to wait. So go get the basic tool box and a drill. You just never know when you’re gonna have to set up some new furniture or hang a picture frame or wall ornament. Get a glue gun and glue sticks while you’re at it. Trust me on this you just don’t know how handy these things are.


You’re gonna need it sister. Things hardly ever go as planned and getting impatient don’t help at all. Have patience with yourself as you’re learning new things. Have patience when you’ve called the service man and it’s 3 hours later and he said he was 10 minutes away. So practice deep breathing to keep you calm while you wait

Home bar

Life happens quickly and some times it drags on forever and nothing makes the wait more enjoyable than sipping on your favorite adult beverage of choice. Having it home also saves you a butt load of money. Personally I’m a vodka and tonic with a twist if lime. Sidenote I’m also a light weight so my drinks are 3 parts tonic water aka a whole can with a shot of vodka. This is absolutely delicious and I’m able to curl up after a long day and have me drink and read. Even if I have friends over we’re able to enjoy each other’s company and have several drinks in the process.

Life as a single gal is certainly an adventure. Mostly a quiet adventure and I enjoy it. In no way am I knocking those in relationships, I love seeing happy couples. What I am saying is life can be lit whether you’re coupled or single.

Happy Sunday

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  1. the home bar is a definite must have.

    On Sun, Aug 29, 2021 at 2:21 PM georgiesjourney242 wrote:

    > tamandrag posted: ” I’ve been a single woman for a while, at first I was > envious of all the lovely couples strolling around snapping their cute > pictures and licking their ice cream cones. It took me not focusing on my > lack of a boyfriend and focusing on the things that I wa” >


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