I wanted to be held last night!
I wanted after a long day and an even longer night to drive home and be enveloped in your arms.
I wanted to bury my face in the crook of your neck and deeply breathe in that scent that was once considered home.
I wanted to idly chit chat about nothing and everything and eventually drift of to sleep to the rhythmic beating of your heart.
I wanted to lazily stroke you, not in a sexual way, but to to run my hands over your torso and forearm just to savor the feel of them. To savor the strength in the. Just to touch you!
I wanted to rub my cheek against your 5 O’clock shadow.
I wanted to be engulfed by you and made to feel welcomed home…

Instead I was greeted by the deafening silence of aloneness…
Aloneness and the humming of the refrigerator.