Everything In It’s Time

For the past few months I’ve been trying to acquire some property. Remember I’m trying to be a responsible parent and build a legacy for my children. Before the application to acquire the property was submitted I was offered a job in an environment that has so much potential for growth , and that’s exactly what I’ve been wanting. Trust me, I’ve been craving some new challenges professionally and when the opportunity presented itself I jumped on it! Understanding that there was a possibility I would have to wait until my probation was up in order to qualify for a property loan, I seized the opportunity to expand myself and grow. There was also the hope that the fact that I was with my previous employers for so long, 11 years, would have been taken into consideration and I still be approved for the loan. That did not happen! That project fell through and I am now left without the property and back on the hunt!

At first when i heard the news, I was devastated! I really wanted that property and it was within my grasp and just before I was able to close my fingers around it, it was plucked from me. But in my perceived lost, I was reminded that nothing happens before it’s time. So I must accept the terms as is and move on knowing that what Jehovah has me will be for me. As long as I stay focused on the goal and strategically work towards it, I will get it!

So here I am cleansing myself of one small chapter, as King David did, and moving onto a bright new chapter. One that is blank and patiently waiting for me to write the story. I’ve adorned my good clothes and my game face is intact and I am READY!


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