Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson : Love That Inspired Tatts and Branding

Long ago and oh so far away I got dumped and in typical female fashion I stalked my ex on every freaking social media platform. I even checked his LinkedIn profile for any updates about absolutely ANY and EVERYTHING. I stalked him until I got exactly what I was looking for. He had a new love 😦 and they were the ultimate Facebook couple, every breathe was worthy of a post and there I was watching it all play out before my eyes. All day every day I’d stalk him or her or maybe even both and there they were snapping and sharing pics and there was my silly behind looking and hurting myself. Knowing that I shouldn’t but also unable to not check for updates on what was new in the land of the new couple, was how I wasted way too much time. I allowed my jealousy to keep me there until I saw what I thought was the ultimate betrayal. They got matching tattoos! He had her initials tatted on his chest and my whole heart sank.


I felt betrayed

I wanted to cry and I just had too see it and touch it because my heart refused to accept what my head already knew. In hind sight, it was silly but unless you’ve been there you wouldn’t understand. We are sometimes our own worst enemy and Lord knows I broke my own heart holding onto the something that had died. Some years ago I would have played the victim card and tried to make the “other woman” out to being the cause of the breakdown, but now I see it for what it was. We were not mature. We didn’t understand how to resolve our conflicts as they came at us. And so kaput, it ended.

Anyways back to these matching tattoos and hurt feelings. I had almost forgotten about this experience until Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian started to date and got all these tattoos dedicated to her and her kids. My first thought was, what happens when they split? He would have to find cover-ups. Then I read somewhere that he got a branding dedicated to Kim and I thought that’s impressive and extreme. And then months later I read that they had split up and I thought damn I wonder how he’s going to deal with that branding! Then I read that Pete Davidson once dated Ariana Grande and while dating he got a tattoo dedicated to that relationship as well. At this point I’m chuckling because Pete Davidson seems to love Grande and over-the-top gestures when he’s in love and honestly, I love that for him. Briefly I wondered if this shit ever gets old? But then how could it as long as there is free space on the body for a new tattoo right?

Through all my ponderings I vaguely recalled asking my ex what prompted him to do it, and his response was so simple and profound.

He said, and I quote, “It felt right at the time”.

Remembering this I smiled and dismissed Pete Davidson and Kim K, along with all his tattoos and brandings from my mind. He did what felt right to him at that time. When was the last time you did anything that felt right to you for you without outside thoughts and opinions? When last have you loved loudly and unapologetically? When last have you sang with happiness? Or did something silly just because you felt like it? Honestly, it’s been a while for me but I’m giving myself permission daily to do something that feels right to me for me, and I encourage you to do the same.

Go get a tattoo or something 🤗

Sending you peace love and happiness

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