So You Got Fired, What’s Next…

You’ve felt it coming for some months now. There has been this sense of the inevitable happening and now it happened.

SO, what’s next?

That urge to be angry at someone or to physically assault something is strong. You feel discarded and tossed aside like a used piece of tissue. There’s a hint of shame that this is happening to you mixed with a tinge of relief. For a while, you’ve felt that it was time to go however, the safety of a salary, medical insurance, and a pension plan kept you chained. Give yourself the grace to work through all these emotions, you need it and you’ll be needing to do it to move on to the next chapter.  Resist the urge to blame anyone or yourself.

This step may be a bit more challenging but tell everyone. Literally everyone. You never know where your next opportunity lies. Or who can help you secure a new job. Remember though, there’s no need to bash your old place of employment, we’re leaving negativity out of this conversation. Focus on the new role you’d like to see yourself in. Always start your conversation with what you miss about your old job and what you’d like to be doing. Again, negativity is not necessary, what happened has already happened and there’s nothing you can do to change that, and honestly, sometimes it’s necessary. Growth is rarely comfortable. Get Growing

Now it’s time to get your finances in order and create a budget. Funny enough we all know that this should have already been happening but with the loss of a salary, a shift must happen. Do you really need cable TV, the internet, Hulu, and Netflix? When was the last time you even turned the television on? Do you really need the unlimited talk, text, and data cellphone package? Shoots may be a prepaid package that would be sufficient for the time being. You visit the food stores regularly enough but when was the last time you cooked? Check your coffers. If you have outstanding loans and no savings to cover this monthly expense, please contact the lenders and explain the change in employment status and see how best that can be handled. It can be a humbling experience and there’s so much peace in coming to an agreement over being harassed by aggressive lenders. Be sure to investigate any unemployment benefits that you may qualify for.

Invest in personal development. When was the last time you took a professional development course? Sometimes we’ve been in roles for so long and we’re proficient in them that we forget to upgrade ourselves. So, while there is experience there’s no proof. Remember, the proof is in the pudding. Degrees and certifications are very important. Now that you have the time go after some certification. Now is also a good time to pivot in your career if that’s something you’ve been considering. Invest in a great interview outfit if you don’t already have something that’s appropriate. Consider a career coach for guidance with your resume, especially if you’ve been in the same environment for a long period of time. A lot has changed for those who are seeking new career opportunities and you’d need to be able to position yourself to secure the role you really want.

And finally, prepare for the interviews that will be coming. As long as you’re sending out your resume prepare for potential interviews. YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok all have sample questions about what to expect from recruiters. So go ahead and prepare and have fun with it. After all, you now can strategically plan your next role.

While losing a job may seem like the end of the world it really isn’t. Complacency is real and could be to your detriment. Get out there and explore! Look at this experience as a time to revamp and rejuvenate your life.

Have you ever been fired from a job? What were some of the things you did immediately after? What would you suggest anyone who got fired to do?

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