Sex is Better with Love

So I’m driving the other day with the radio on, usually, I’m listening to a podcast audiobook on my phone or I’m driving in silence. This particular day I had the radio on and this song got my attention, the name of the song is Bad by Wale featuring Tiara Thomas. It’s a great song, not something I’d leave on repeat but a good song nonetheless.There’s a lyric in the song that goes, “Is it bad that I never made love, no I never did it. But I sure know how to phuk” and I chuckled. Now I’ve heard the song before but it was the first time I had heard it in a very long time. Not sure how much more of the song I actually heard cuz my thoughts just started to wander after that line.

My thoughts went from I wonder how many people understand the difference between making love and having sex? And if they understood the difference, when last they actually made love with their partner? Shoots my mind went to when last I made love and I was shell shocked. You see, I had had sex but I hadn’t made love in forever.

Before you say they’re one and the same, they’re not. The end game for both is the same, however, the journey is totally different!

Don’t get me wrong now! I thoroughly enjoy being made love to and having mind-blowing soul-wrenching sex.

Mind-blowing sex leaves me feeling sated, sapped with a strong desire for more. Or is it just me? As contradictory as it may sound to be sated and sapped and still wanting more, that’s what great sex feels like for me. Being made love to, leaves me feeling treasured and valued. It reaches beyond my physical needs and satisfies some deep emotional, somewhat spiritual need of mine. A need that I wasn’t even aware of, but a need that once met, won’t ever be forgotten ever again.

One would think that this experience was orchestrated, it wasn’t. It was a regular ole day, no special occasion in our relationship. He had picked me up from work and as usual, I was running on about some crap at work that had me excited and he indulged by listening and making the appropriate sounds, even throwing in a few well-placed questions. So there I am lazily stroking his head and talking as he drove, we pulled into the driveway hopped out, and headed inside, and mind you the chatter hasn’t slowed down at all, even though the topic has shifted. Besides, I have a captivated audience and nothing I like more than that.

He pulls me in for a hug, one of those hugs that makes you forget everything and everyone besides that warm chest you’re enjoying. One of those hugs that have me savoring the raw masculinity of my partner. One of those hugs that slowly transitions to having my back caressed and ass firmly squeezed and aligned with his body. One of those hugs that my whole being responds to! There is no urgency with this kind of hug. Did I mention that these hugs are combined with kisses? The kisses are soft and sweet as they’re trailed across your body. He’s taking a delight in the way your body responds to his touch all while trying to find even more ways to get you beyond coherent thought and glorious release. At that moment my mind drifted to thoughts that this man was made to love me!

The intense intimacy of this whole orgasmic experience had me near tears and the memory results in a physical response from my body. I wish this feeling of euphoria on EVERY FREAKING SOUL!!

Love-making is one of life’s greatest pleasures!

And having experienced such intensity makes it near impossible to settle for mindless connections and lukewarm attraction.

Don’t just have mind-blowing sex anymore, make love with your partner. Remember to explore, savor and enjoy their mind and body

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