An opened letter to my almost-boyfriend

Dear D,

I miss you.

I miss our long never-ending conversations.

I miss your larger than life personality

I miss your full belly laughter and your engulfing bear hugs.

I miss the random song sent to either cheer me up or to express how you’re feeling at that moment.

I miss the introduction to new content, whether it’s music or a piece of poetry you stumbled across and thought I would enjoy.

I miss being the first person you would share your writing with

I miss being your muse, your confidant

I know I have no right to say anything since it was me who allowed my fears and insecurities to destroy any hopes of us but I love you and I miss you.

You’re positively glowing with happiness these days and though this makes me sad that I’m not the cause of it, I smile because I know you deserve it.

You deserve to be appreciated and valued.

You deserve to be loved the way you need to loved

I love seeing how you’ve grown into everything you always wanted to be

I love seeing you as a dedicated husband to your wife

A loving and doting father to your children

And an all-around amazing human being

I love you

I miss you

And I wish you peace love and happiness

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