Lingerie Matters!

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If I had $5 for every time I heard a woman say she doesn’t need or purchase lingerie, it’s a waste of time and money because it’s only on for a few minutes, I’d be filthy rich.

Yes, I wear lingerie for my man but more importantly I wear it for myself! The confidence boost from sexy underwear can only be described as orgasmic for me. It adds a lot more pep to my step and swaying to my hips. Lingerie makes me feel good physically and makes me feel capable of facing and conquering any challenges brought on by the day.

Something about the feel of it against my skin…

Sexy lingerie and a great pair of heels are my go to.

I grew up in a household where the women wore slips. To my young mind this was the epitome of being a lady and womanhood. Some were a combination of lace and sateen and others were just sateen, no matter the material I loved them all. I love all of what it represented to my young mind.

I got my first thong underwear on my 15th birthday. I remember these thongs as clear as day, one was black lace with a little bow in the front and the other was lace and sateen combination in leopard print. The latter spoke to my very core. Slipping into it and staring at myself in the mirror, I stood taller and jutted out my chin. This kindled a confidence that I truly didn’t understand but one that thoroughly enjoyed. These thongs were the most beautiful things I had ever owned. Sure no one knew what I had on under my clothing but that’s was fine. I knew what I had on! This was my secret and mine alone.

This introduction to blatantly sexy combined with my affinity to that old school ladylike slips spun a deep love and appreciation for lingerie.  I love sexy underwear! Whether it’s made from silk or sateen or even cotton, I love them all.

Multi colored and bold colors always capture my attention, and when it’s against melanated skin I feel like a Goddess! And I just want to sparkle and shine.

Black or red are for when I’m channeling my inner vixen. She’s almost always there, simmering beneath the surface ready to unleash. But in these colors she’s unstoppable.

Pastel demure colors soothes me. They’re serviceable, sensible, comfortable and necessary.

Whites, I admire from afar. They’re neither a necessity nor favorite. I do however appreciate the stark contrast against my body.

So when the thought of purchasing and wearing lingerie comes to mind, never see it as a waste! Think of how that particular piece makes you feel! Think of how that material feels against your skin. That instant confidence boost. And least I forget, just how stunning you look in it.

Don’t ever forget to strut your stuff in front of the mirror and appreciate your beautiful body adorned in sexy beautiful lingerie.

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  1. Yes…. lingerie for the win!

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