I Just Wanna Be Successful

I want the money, money and the cars, cars and the clothes
I suppose
I just wanna be, I just wanna be successful
I just wanna be, I just wanna be successful
I just wanna be, I just wanna be successful

Trey Songz – Successful

Society has some how convinced us, or it could just be me, that the accumulation of materials things and money equates to being successful and for a long while I had fallen for that lie. Not only had I fallen for it, my mind was set on working hard to make as much money as possible and to buy everything that my heart desired! The fact that I thoroughly enjoy online and in store shopping was not helpful at all :-). It took many moons of working hard, sometimes to the point of neglecting family life and friendships, for me to realize that success is relative to each individual. That YOU have to first decide what’s important to YOU and what it is that YOU want to accomplish in life. Once I realized and accepted that I started thinking. Like some real deep soul searching/introspection thinking. And sad to say I felt like a completely shallow, materialistic individual and so I had to dig a little deeper and really question why I had focused so much time and resources on material gain and I to really ask myself what was most important to me. After some intense soul searching I was able to define success as I see it. It may not measure up to another person standard, and that’s fine, because it brings me a sense of peace, excitement and fulfillment. So here goes!

To be a mother who have a healthy relationship with her adult children. And for that to happen I would have to provide them with an environment that fosters trust, respect and a sense of comfort so deep that I’m viewed as a mother and nurturer, a confidant, a mentor/someone worthy of emulation and a provider.

To define my personal, spiritual, emotional, physical and financial goals and to actively work towards them. Ensuring that each area of my life is given the attention and needed in order to bloom. To go into details in these areas would require individual posts :-).

To foster healthy friendships/relationships that encourages, motivates, challenges and admonish, when needed.

Oh I also need my own home for my little family



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