Self Care and Manifestations

One random encounter on social media with a beautiful soul shifted my mindset completely!

She challenged me to fix my bed every morning when I got up.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?
It sounds simple cuz it really is pretty simple and easy, so easy that I can do it in less than a minute after getting up.

It has been more than a month since this chanced exchange and we’ve since conversed on the benefits of such a simple task. Since I’ve started fixing my bed once I am up, I’ve taken a keen interest in “fixing up” my bedroom. I want to add some razzle-dazzle to this space. I want to enter my bedroom and feel as if I’ve entered my own slice of heaven. I want to create my own personal sanctuary!

Once I conveyed this revelation to my by chance mentor/coach, she gave me tips on how I can make this happen on a budget, nonetheless! I was blown away by such generosity and willingness to help a stranger and to top it off, she exhibited such patience.

This encounter encouraged me to take a look at the clutter my family and I had accumulated over the years. From the items that we had the best of intentions of “fixing” to the old bicycle that my daughter had outgrown eons ago, to the TV that hadn’t worked and was now almost considered an antique to the metal bed frame that had rusted beyond any good use. I was flabbergasted at the piles of clutter and so I spent some time clearing our space.

I cleaned differently this time.
I cleaned with a higher purpose this time around.
I cleaned and cleared space with readiness for what’s to come into my existence.

Many times I have wanted things or experiences, however, I made no preparation for them. For example, it wasn’t until I unpacked anger, resentment, and bitterness from my life that I started to feel a deep sense of peace and contentment in my life. From an emotional and spiritual standpoint, I had learned the importance of releasing what I don’t need/want in my life to get what I really desire; however, physically I was still holding onto clutter and chaos.

I understand that such an undertaking to create my own Lil sanctuary won’t be instantaneous and I’m fine with that. I’m fine with it because I’m thoroughly enjoying the process of choosing and making the items needed for such a venture!


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