Idle musings…

Making my way downtown driving slow cuz I’m stuck in traffic. Staring blankly ahead mentally going through my to-do list, just making my way through traffic when a random thought popped into my head. If I’m going to be fired I hope it’s first thing in the morning, so that I would be able to get through my to-do list and then go home and sulk. Where this thought came from I have no idea, no I lied. I’ve recently transitioned to a new role and I’ve been apprehensive from week one. The environment is unlike anything I’ve experienced and sometimes one has to be able to read between the lines of what’s being said. But that’s for another time and another post. Back to pondering what I would consider the best time for me to be fired.

The mere thought of being fired had me thinking…

Are my finances in a place where I would be able to sustain my family and I if I were to be fired today?

Would I cry?

Would I be embarrassed?

Would I be excited?

Would I be financially, emotionally and mentally prepared for the sudden change?

How quickly can I get my finances in order so if I am fired today or even 6 months from now I would be able to sustain my family ?

It’s amazing how my thoughts kept coming back to financial preparedness, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself is that once my money is right and consistently flowing , all other aspects of my life follows suit.

Tackling any outstanding debt while aggressively pursuing other sources of income seems to be the best approach to me.

But how is the question?

Whew, another hard question that I’ve been pondering for a while now.

One thing life has taught me is that sometimes there is no warning. Shit just happens and if you’re ever forewarned don’t hesitate to adjust any plans accordingly. With this thought process in mind I’ve started to be a lot more strategic in my planning and my spending. As much as I enjoy spontaneity, it has only been to my detriment. The recovery period that follows is so not worth it most times

So as I’m sitting here sipping my cheap and sweet while reviewing the year 2021, I encourage you to do the same. Look at what worked so far and what didn’t. Start prepping for 2022. But more importantly, be intentional with everything you do.

Happy Sunday

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