Olympic Games Tokyo 2021

I love the Olympic games!

Every Olympic season I prep myself for superb athleticism. Whether it’s watching Michael Phelps glide through the waters or Usian Bolt literally bolting around the tracks.

I LOVE it!

OMG if you’ve never watched the long distance runners, you should stop reading right now and check it out right now. Watching Eluid Kipchoge dominate his race makes my heart smile. The only person I missed this Olympic games was The Amazing Mo-Farah. The elation on their faces when they cross the finish line is unlike anything you’ll ever witness. The ultimate highlight of the games is knowing that The Bahamas ALWAYS wins a medal and this year we dominated the 400 meters. This year I watched the Olympic games solo and there were a lot of teachable moments.

Teachable Moment One.

Long distance runner Sifan Hassan was running a qualifying heat for the 1500 meters, and right at the end of the race just before she makes the move to take over, sis was toppled and fell to the ground. My heart literally sank, you see Sifan Hassan planned to run the 1500, 5000 and 10000 meters, so to watch her possibly not qualify was disheartening. I wanted her to medal in every single one of those events and apparently she wanted it too. Sifan literally bounced up from her fall and went on to win her heat and eventually a silver medal in the 1500 meters. That race I had to re-watch multiple times, it was just that impressive. She epitomized “if you want it bad enough you’ll find a way, if not you’ll find an excuse”! How badly do you want your life goals?

Teachable Moment Two.

When it was announced that Shaunae Miller-Uibo would represent The Bahamas in both the 200 and 400 meters, I imagined her having 2 gold medals dangling around her neck at the end of the games. Watching her get dusted out in the 200 meter finals and coming in 8th startled me. Sis is a runner, she’s a track star. I was concerned even after hearing her rationale, which was she felt some discomfort and knowing she still had the 400 meter race coming up she opted to not push herself, I wondered about her mental state after such a loss. How does one take such an L and then hours later come back to compete against all these magnificent runners! Shaunae showed us how it’s done! Sis came out and BODIED that race. Not only did she win, she won by a freaking chasm! Every single time I watched that race, and I’ve watched it at least 100 times, I smile. You have to know when to push yourself harder and when to slow down and pace yourself and NEVER allow a loss to mentally cripple you. Do a Shaunae and shake that shit off and move onto the next challenge.

Teachable Moment Three

Karani James, bronze medalist men’s 400 for Grenda, draping The Bahamian flag around Steven Gardiner’s shoulders after Steven won the gold medal, really warmed my heart. Real sportsmanship and respect right there. Karani’s excitement in his own performance was palpable and his respect and admiration for Steven’s talent is what the games are all about. No jealousy just good energy. I love it! Everything in life is seasonal don’t ever forget that. Congratulate others in their winning season knowing that your time is coming.

Did you watch the Olympic Games this year? Any moments stood out to you? Feel free to share in the comments and if there’s a link to watch the event share that as well

Happy Sunday

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