Things I’m Leaving Behind…

A few years ago I dated my dream guy who told me that as a mother, it was not respectable to be wearing a swimsuit.

I was completely baffled at this statement.

There I was coming in from the beach, what else should I have possibly worn to the beach but a swimsuit! FYI, I also had a sexy little cover-up over my swimsuit so you know I was feeling hella sexy. I don’t saying much to him but I do remember throwing on some clothes and heading out with some friends for the evening. I remembered enjoying my night out as well but what I also remembered, is me allowing the opinion of another person to influence what I do. Over the years since that exchange, I can count on 1 hand the amount of times I wore a swimsuit; and if I did wear one it was when I went to the beach alone. I recently spent some time frolicking at the beach in my swimsuit and this thought popped in my head. And for the life of me I couldn’t understand why I allowed his statement to bother me so much, after much thought I realized that it was similar to a statement made to me about the way I dressed as a child growing up. I was always self conscious of how I looked, always spending way too much money on clothing and shoes that I would sometimes have to give away but still shopping :). This realization was a humbling experience for me, so much so that I decided that there were several things I am leaving behind starting NOW.

I’m leaving behind the opinions of others, especially those closest to me. I’m leaving behind their opinions on my relationship choices. I’m leaving behind their opinions on how I’m expected to act. I’m leaving behind their opinion on absolutely EVERYTHING! I understand and appreciate their opinion however it’s time to release myself from living up to the expectations that were placed on me by others.

I’m leaving behind my need to seek outside validation! This was painful realization. If I love you I didn’t establish ANY boundaries. I allowed persons permission to speak on matters that I should not have allowed them too. So moving forward, I’m taking back my power and lovingly setting boundaries with everyone. You see I am enough, just as you are enough, without the input of others. When we were created we were created with EVERYTHING that we need to build the life that we want.

I’m leaving behind the desire to express my opinion. I love to talk and have lots of opinions :)! I’ve also accepted that most times my opinions are not needed nor are they positively impacting so maybe, they should not be voiced! This isn’t to mean I won’t speak on things but more so when I speak it will be to uplift and encourage.

As simple as these may seem, I am looking forward to a mighty impact!

What are you leaving behind as off today?

One response to “Things I’m Leaving Behind…”

  1. “Everyone has the right to be happy.” -Reba McIntyre


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