Thoughtful Thursday…

The sea has always been my go-to place for solace.

My entire being craves the sound of the waves crashing against the shores and I’ve always been blessed to have access to it. My early years were spent exploring the beaches of beautiful South Andros.

My cousins and I were with frolicking in the waters or fishing depending on the tide. I’ve always envisioned myself as a fisherman. I would fish all day long and crab all night long.

I would be a self-sustaining fisherwoman!

My diet would consist of freshly caught fish, craw fish, or maybe even an occasional ray and roasted potatoes and cassava. Everything would by wrapped in banana leaves and cooked over an opened fire. Dessert would be whatever fruit was in season at the time. Whether it be sapodilla or paw paw or mangoes or Coco plum, dessert would be plentiful. The beverage of choice would always be fresh coconut water. All harvested by my own hands

Alas, I was socialized and gently admonished that I should aspire for more

Why not be a doctor or a lawyer or a teacher

To pursue a respectable career…

I’m older now and with each passing day these childhood dreams beckon to me #islandgal#islandlife#ilivewhereyouvacation#peace#childhooddreams#thinkingoutloud#ohmyAndros#fishing#fisherwoman

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