Expectations Vs. Appreciation

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Any woman who drives a second-hand car needs to be friends with a trustworthy mechanic!

So my handy dandy Jetta needed some time away from me and some extra attention, so we’re apart for a few days. I think I’ve found what’s needed to lure her back to me so I’ll be dealing with that momentarily. So yay me!For 3 consecutive years, I’ve had vehicular issues! Major issues too. Issues that grounds me for several weeks some times. I know what you’re going to say. Go buy a new one already! And I will, just not right now. This is just the first year I’ve not made any hasty decisions about the situation. I also didn’t feel as stressed about being grounded for a few days. I was reminded though that had I kept up with maintenance I would not have found myself in this pickle.

This really got me thinking, and not about my car either.How often do we maintain the relationships that we consider important to us? Does my partner know that I love him because I’ve said it before and continue to say it? Do my actions align with what I’m saying? Do I prioritize our relationship? Am I appreciative of what he provides or sacrifices for us? Do I even acknowledge the efforts? Or should he be comforted hearing the ‘I love you’ while I’m otherwise occupied with my phone? When last have I given him my undivided attention? When last we intentionally, had the day to ourselves uninterrupted? When last did I ‘service’ my relationship? Honestly, the answers to these questions weren’t very encouraging. Just as old faithful Jetty needed to be serviced so did my relationship.

Interestingly enough this doesn’t apply to just my intimate relationship, but also my towards my children, my parents, my siblings, and even my friendships. Nobody wants to feel as if the effort is one-sided in any relationship. It’s freaking tiring and discouraging. Yes, life is happening to us all, however, prioritize those important relationships.

There is a thin line between appreciation and expectation, I know because many times I’ve veered to the side of expectation and lingered. Not intentionally but more so because my self-centeredness convinced me that if they love me they would understand.

This revelation is still fairly new to me and I’ve since started taking steps necessary to rectify it. Baby steps, but steps nonetheless. After all the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step .

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