You’re Beautiful as You

When did we become a society that seeks validation outside of ourselves?

Who determines what beauty is?

Who and what determines if a person is beautiful and what they deserve?



Help me with this, please?

This past week I watched a video clip where a young lady is was speaking to a relationship coach about what she wants and he advises her to pretty much stay in her lane. That what she wanted just wasn’t going to happen based on her looks, according to her she’s a 5 and the fact that she has a teenage child.

Watching this video made me cringe.

My thoughts ranged from who is he to speak to her like that, to WTH to WTF then finally to why does she need HIS validation on HER needs.

Is He the man that she wants? Based on my understanding of the video, no he isn’t. He may be a 6 figure man, but he was not the 6 figure man that she wanted. Although I wanted to stop the video something kept me watching.

I watched until the bitter end and was shell shocked at what he had to say. I understand and respect that he is entitled to his opinion, so it was her responses that amazed me. Also her insistence in continuing the conversation, almost as if she was trying to convince him of her worthiness.

One thought kept coming to mind: I don’t ever want my daughters or son to ever seek validation outside of themselves.



It’s a cold cruel world out there if you aren’t amply prepared. And people will try to tell you how to think and what you deserve. These buggers would project their limited beliefs on you if you allow it. Never let this be you.


YOU are the creator of your reality!

Growing up we were taught, as a man thinketh in his heart so is HE! We were taught to be mindful of everything we consumed, meaning the movies we watched, the songs we listened too and especially the people we spend time with. Why? Because who we are, how we think, and ultimately what we do are affected by all these factors. We were reminded that we have a mind for a reason. To use it! And never allow ourselves to be led down the path of destruction.

We are all born with a mind and it is our responsibility to feed it accordingly. Everyone has opinions, shoots I’m writing about a video clip that went viral, and sometimes they feel the need to shove these opinions down your throat. I say reject it. Reject whatever is not in alignment with what you want for your life.

NEVER allow someone to speak down on you or your dreams

Too often we stop pursuing our dreams thanks to constructive criticism.

2 responses to “You’re Beautiful as You”

  1. Moral of the story – strap away from people that don’t see/ appreciate your value.


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