Life Happens

Life have a way of happening, especially when you’re about making positive changes. So I logged onto my bank account only to see 2 charges that I had no knowledge of, saw this on a Friday evening. So I willed the weekend by and opened the bank that Monday morning, only to be told that I was a victim of fraud. My first thought was, who the hell wanna swipe anything from my account, the balance ain’t even that impressive. I thanked the teller and contacted the card center and my dispute is currently under investigation. Pray for me folks cuz i kinda need that money returned to my account.

But, to get back on track, one thing that went through my mind was how i would not have been able to start my savings plan and work on my goal. So I stewed for a while before I admitted that I was just looking for an excuse not to get started on my dream. Yes some money was taken off my account but they were gracious enough to leave some of it there. So what if I’m not able to save the amount I had intended to save. That doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t save something . So even though it wasn’t much I put aside $20 to get started. Sounds like a little bit, but it’s not always the amount saved it is the habit of saving on a consistent basis.

So guys there will always be set backs but the objective is to stay focused on your goals and to continually make baby steps.





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