Everything In It’s Time

For the past few months I’ve been trying to acquire some property. Remember I’m trying to be a responsible parent and build a legacy for my children. Before the application to acquire the property was submitted I was offered a job in an environment that has so much potential for growth , and that’s exactly what I’ve been wanting. Trust me, I’ve been craving some new challenges professionally and when the opportunity presented itself I jumped on it! Understanding that there was a possibility I would have to wait until my probation was up in order to qualify for a property loan, I seized the opportunity to expand myself and grow. There was also the hope that the fact that I was with my previous employers for so long, 11 years, would have been taken into consideration and I still be approved for the loan. That did not happen! That project fell through and I am now left without the property and back on the hunt!

At first when i heard the news, I was devastated! I really wanted that property and it was within my grasp and just before I was able to close my fingers around it, it was plucked from me. But in my perceived lost, I was reminded that nothing happens before it’s time. So I must accept the terms as is and move on knowing that what Jehovah has me will be for me. As long as I stay focused on the goal and strategically work towards it, I will get it!

So here I am cleansing myself of one small chapter, as King David did, and moving onto a bright new chapter. One that is blank and patiently waiting for me to write the story. I’ve adorned my good clothes and my game face is intact and I am READY!


Decision Day

So it has been a few days since I’ve posted anything about this walk to financial freedom that I’ve started and that’s because I’ve had to sit down and evaluate my monthly expenses and make some tough decisions. My most expensive expense is my rent and though it isn’t that much, it is hindering me from achieving my goal. So I decided to downsize my living space. I gave my landlord notice and I was able to find a really awesome deal on a 1 bed apartment. It will be a very tight fit with the girls, but considering that they’re really young, 4 years old and 1 year old, it’s better to make that move now so that later on we could all have our personal space. Besides sharing a bed with them can’t be that bad, they’re small and they don’t snore :).

Another option that I’m considering is entrepreneurship! This is an awesome option to earn some supplementary income. And this always sounds like so much fun. But in all honesty is freaking scary, you’re putting yourself out there. And you have to be prepared to work harder than you have ever worked before. However for the first time I’m ready! I’m ready to take chance. Besides what do I have to loose :)? So I’m still ironing out the fine details but my plans for 2016 and beyond have already started. I’m all excited and prayed up about it.




Life Happens

Life have a way of happening, especially when you’re about making positive changes. So I logged onto my bank account only to see 2 charges that I had no knowledge of, saw this on a Friday evening. So I willed the weekend by and opened the bank that Monday morning, only to be told that I was a victim of fraud. My first thought was, who the hell wanna swipe anything from my account, the balance ain’t even that impressive. I thanked the teller and contacted the card center and my dispute is currently under investigation. Pray for me folks cuz i kinda need that money returned to my account.

But, to get back on track, one thing that went through my mind was how i would not have been able to start my savings plan and work on my goal. So I stewed for a while before I admitted that I was just looking for an excuse not to get started on my dream. Yes some money was taken off my account but they were gracious enough to leave some of it there. So what if I’m not able to save the amount I had intended to save. That doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t save something . So even though it wasn’t much I put aside $20 to get started. Sounds like a little bit, but it’s not always the amount saved it is the habit of saving on a consistent basis.

So guys there will always be set backs but the objective is to stay focused on your goals and to continually make baby steps.





The “B” Word

So here I am almost 100 and still don’t have my emergency fund(6-9 months of living expenses) in place. Shoots I don’t even have my $1000(baby emergency fund) set aside for any unexpected expense. But all of that is going to change starting NOW. Well not this minute now, unfortunately, but as of now I am starting my journey to being debt free and having my emergency fund in place by Dec 2016. Note: always be realistic with your goals and always set a dead line :). So with that goal set now is time to revisit some advise from the experts. My personal favorites are Financial Peace by John Ramsey and The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason. These are my favorites mostly because they simplify a goal that sometimes feel insurmountable and they’re both very easy to read. So, let’s get started with this journey.

Step 1 – Create a budget

Step 2 – Make list of ALL outstanding bills, even that lil $20 you have for your sister

Step 3 – Work of getting that $1000 baby emergency fund put aside. This takes time of some people aka me :).

Step 4 – Find ways to supplement your income, another job or ask for some over time shoots you can even try selling some of the things you have but not using.

Step 5 – Start cutting down on debt, starting with the one with the highest interest rate.

Note: continually save where ever you can, I’ve given up cable TV for a few months, sticking with internet only. It’s easier than you think. Really it is!

You would think having all this information I would be well on my way to financial freedom, but that’s not the case. You would even think I have a legitimate at least, but no. Not really! I am a spendthrift. I love pretty dresses and high heels and expensive bags. Oh and electronics and sexy underwear and pretty much all kinda things really.  So starting today, today is payday 🙂 yay, I’ve started my journey. You’re welcomed to join me .