Learning to Trust the Process

I grew up in Christian home and one statement that was made almost daily and for every freaking situation was ‘if it is God’s will it will be done’ aka trust the process. Honestly I grew to despise hearing those words. Almost as if it was a cop out to not aggressively pursue a goal. The child in me felt that the adults just didn’t care enough and so they gave up. So whenever I heard the term trust the process or what’s to be will be I’d cringe internally as judgemental thoughts raced through my head.

It took years of experience and a lifetime of lessons before I finally understood what it meant to trust the process. My childlike thought process thought it meant to leave the situation alone, pretty much to dismiss it or to just live life all nonchalantly while accepting whatever happens as trusting the process. Turns out, it’s totally and completely the opposite. It’s knowing what you want while prepping for it to manifest. You see I want to one day own my own home, with a nice little herb garden on one side and a hammock in the shade on the other side, so that I’d be able to enjoy my yard space. Now while I know what I want there are steps I’d need to take in order for this to happen. I’d have to acquire the property and build or outright purchase my home but before then I’d have to secure funding for this investment. And since I don’t have a trust fund that means I’d have to find a job and or start on the entrepreneurial journey to ensure that I have consistent funds flowing my way. Now to find a job that’s going to pay me well enough to be able to manage all my monthly reoccurring expenses while being able to save and invest consistently I’d have to invest in myself to ensure that I’m adding value to any organization I choose to work for. Now investing in myself can look like me pursuing a degree or certifications that are in high demand or even equipping myself with a trade. Will this all work out as planned or in the time frame that I would like it to be completed? I don’t know. Honestly I don’t, but what I do know is that I’m trusting the process and preparing for what I ultimately want.

When I seem to have more month than money I’m reminded that budgeting is important and vital to accomplishing my ultimate goal and I learn to trust the process.

When the car starts to make one exotic sound after the other and I’m chatting with the mechanic multiple times a week, I learn to accept that shit will happen but I shouldn’t get stuck in it and I learn to trust the process.

When the challenges of life seems to be hitting me from all angles and I can’t seem to catch a break and I want to revel in being the victim and shout from the rooftop that life isn’t fair, I’m a single mother and any other damn excuse that pops in my head at that time. I give myself grace to take a break, but not for long, and I remember to trust the process.

Not because I’m coping out but because especially when things aren’t going according to my well written plans I remember the ultimate goal and I trust the process.

Is it easy? No it’s not, but I want what I want so I’m trusting the process.

Is it going according to my schedule? LOL, no it’s not but every time I check I’m one step closer. And this keeps me trusting the process.

How’s this all affecting my emotional state? Honestly this keeps me up at night and wakes me up in the morning with a purpose. There are bouts of excitement, frustration and doubt but there’s never a day of regret and so I continue to trust the process.

What am I doing while waiting for my goals to manifest? I’m learning. I’m teaching. I’m encouraging. I’m preparing myself for what I want. I’ve started an herb garden also. And I’m enjoying the process while trusting the process.

What are your thoughts on trusting the process?

Happy Sunday

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