Celebrate the Small Victories

As I was drenched in sweat, gasping for breathe running around the park this past Thursday, I had an epiphany.

I don’t celebrate my small victories. I really don’t and from that day forward I promise that I will start.

2 weeks ago I committed to training to run a 5K by end of August 2021. I searched for the perfect app to help me get started and I strapped up and hit the track. After the first day I was sore in some strange places and at the end of the first week, I was mashed the hell up! Mashed up and syked to get started with week 2, so much so that I told my accountability partner so that there would be no backing out for me. At the end of 2 weeks I was jogging for a full 2 minutes without stopping. I know I know 2 minutes is no time and a mile can’t be ran in 2 minutes, however for me, this was a major step towards me accomplishing my goal of being able to run a 5k by August 31 2021 and I am freaking proud of myself for it. These training sessions has reminded me of two really important life lessons

Break it Down

My goals always seemed insurmountable whenever I thought about them. And while panting around that track I finally understood why. It was because I hardly ever break it down in smaller steps. Sounds pretty simple right?!! So simple that I totally overlooked it. My body has to be gradually prepare for this transformation. The goal is not to just run a 5K but to run the 5K without injury. I am sure we have all heard the saying that “a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” but how many of us really understand how profound this simple line is? Moving forward I’m starting with the big picture in mind, however I now have my baby steps written down to guide me. Yes I’ll be running a 5K by August 31 2021 but as of today I’ll be running my 2 consecutive minutes with ease. Side note, I’m loving how my body is feeling these days πŸ™‚

Comparison really STEALS your joy

I have to constantly remind myself that the only person I’m competing with is the person in the mirror! On day 1 of training, I completed a mile in 14.05 minutes. This really stroked my ego, had me feeling like Usian Bolt. That’s how pleased I was with myself. On day 2 of training I completed a mile in 14.29, it dampened my spirit a bit but not enough to stop me. Day 2 of week 2 I finished a mile in 16 minutes, I was flabbergasted. How? How the hell did I add 2 mins? How could I be so lazy as to gain 2 minutes? was my initial thought until I gathered myself and changed my self talk. I’m allowed to fall short, I am, however, not allowed to quit. There are days when I am on my A Game and that day was one of those days. Having an off day doesn’t mean that I stop training completely. This again had me thinking about my life in general, how many times,because I encountered a challenge or pit fall, did I changed course completely? Sad to say I’ve done just that many times. Quit just cuz things didn’t go exactly as I had them planned. Not any more. These past 2 weeks I’ve learned to give myself the same grace I would give others. To remind myself of the importance of consistently showing up for myself. My story is my story and it’s not to be compared to ANYTHING. Always stay focused on what I want and it SHALL be mine. Yes I had a 16 minutes mile however I went out the next day and the next day and I’ll keep going out training until I’m able to successfully run a 5K and who knows maybe even a full marathon one day.

The commitment to run a 5K by the end of August 2021 is purely personal challenge for me. I’m committed to challenging myself in 2021, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. It pleases me to see myself get stronger and being able to show my children how important it is to chase their dreams and challenge themselves keeps me going.

Enough about me and my goals, what are some your goals for 2021?

Have you encountered a pitfall that caused you to get off track? If so, have you gotten back on track? If not don’t beat yourself up about it.

Always remember, life is short and God is Good! Every day is a chance to start over and get on with accomplishing your goals!

So I challenge you to get out there and do what makes your soul smile.

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